The Poultry Value Chain Study and The Agriculture Food Security Fund

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ADG work with partners and to achieve optimum social and shareholder returns by merging business imperatives with development best practices

Partners: ADG works with the private sector companies, International Development Organization and nonprofit foundations.

ADG works by leveraging our economic development capabilities with business strategies to help partners succeed in their developing world operations. ADG works goes far beyond helping to develop a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.

  • Public-Private Partnerships— ADG support our partners understand and address West Africa’s unique social and environmental. We are recognized in the Gambia in developing and managing successful public-private partnerships.

Sample Projects: Poultry Outgrower Scheme (EMPAS; Gambia Government and World Bank)

  • Market Development— ADG support International companies and organizations manage their entry and projects in new markets and remote geographies, where the terrain becomes less familiar and the challenges more complex. ADG have the traction to help companies navigate position themselves to deliver focused results in these terrain.

Sample Projects: Mandinary Fuel Depot; Elton Gambia; Metro Guinea; CMIT (College of Management and Information Technology)


  • Local Supplier Development—We help develop local infrastructure for global chains to work with  small firms in a cost effective and efficient value chain from

Sample Projects: EMPAS Poultry Process Company, Cenelaa Feeds;


  • Social Strategy— we support the private sector to invest in local communities by building social strategies that support their core business strategies.


Sample Projects: Japaleh Kafoo – a daily personal insurance scheme for drivers based on fuel purchases from Elton

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ADG works with partners to developing strategies driving trade not aid, using appropriate technologies in agriculture, energy and environment businesses, to create jobs, reduce poverty, support livelihoods, and enhance food and nutrition security

Our Development work brings together sector expertise and regional experience to unleash broad and inclusive growth for the majority of the people mainly women and farmers.

ADG believes that households and small holder farmers play vital roles in the value chains at the heart of developing economies, we work to develop domestic and global market access, provide inputs and extension services, increase productivity, and seek alternative access to finance.

  • Value Chain Development for Agribusiness and Other Sectors—beyond the concept of “farm to table” ADG works from concept, to link producers to value chain drivers acting as input suppliers and market. ADG develop the capabilities of all actors along a value chain to meet end market demand by increasing access to quality inputs and working capital, and improving information flow.

Sample Projects: Gambia Poultry Value Chain workshop; EMPAS Poultry Integrated  Scheme


  • Agriculture and Food Security—We address food insecurity by championing solutions that lead to resilient and sustainable livelihoods.

Sample Projects: Food Security Fund Proposal

  • Financial Services—ADG develops innovative, technology-driven solutions that accelerate enterprise and industry expansion.

Sample Projects: Agricultural Development Fund Proposal; Farmer Entrepreneurship Training

  • Business Environment Reform—ADG is a leader in reforming business environments, which improves the competitiveness of Agro-industries as a means of improving livelihoods and alleviating poverty.

Sample Projects: Gambia Investment Promotion Agency; National Economic Council; Ministry of Finance of Petroleum Price Structure and liberalization

  • Trade—ADG has worked with government and businesses to increase their participation regional and international markets.

Sample Projects: Gambia Investment Promotion Agency; Ministry of Trade Industry and Employment

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship—A pioneer of social enterprise in the Gambia developing and implementing strategies for national competitiveness.










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